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Pixi Gel Tint & Silk Gloss and Sheer cheek Gel Review

Pixi Gel Tint & Silk Gloss and Sheer cheek Gel Review 

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So I'm going to be reviewing this makeup from Pixi Cosmetics,we have the new Gel Tint & Silk Gloss lip tints and then the Sheer Cheek Gel's ♥♥
So the one above is Berry Tint and sweet gloss and is gorgeous,one side is the tint the other is the gloss and comes with a sturdy doe foot applicator ,it's a more nude pink colour.
Actually here are all three you can purchase from left to right we have Beach Tint & Fresh Gloss then Pink Tint & Pretty gloss and also Berry Tint & Sweet Gloss ... they are £14 each and available HERE
So back to the swatches of Berry Tint & Sweet Gloss which are the above and below swatches,you can wear the tint alone as it really does tint your lips and stays on as a wash of colour even after eating and drinking for hours.Wait for the tint to dry down slightly before putting on the gloss.The gloss is fab as not a sticky one but creamy.
Below is Beach Tint & Fresh Gloss and you might think omg that's bright,but no you would be wrong.It's actually the perfect summer colour once on the lips and looks stunning,more of a wash again rather than anything heavy or full on.
See these are the swatches of Beach Tint & Fresh Gloss and i just love it ♥

Below is Pink Tint & Pretty Gloss which again is so stunning for summer and not as vibrant as it may appear,looks beautiful on.

Here are the swatches of Pink Tint & Pretty Gloss and as you can see such a stunning colour,the gloss is barley visible which is lovely and gives you that sheer look.

My thoughts of the lip tints? i love them for summer as so easy to throw into you handbag even though you barley need to re-apply as the tints stay on for hours so big thumbs up.The gloss isn't sticky so keeps you lips very soft and nourished so doesn't dry my lips out.They are paraben free and obvs not tested on animals so a huge thumbs up from me.
Above we have the new Sheer Cheek Gel's ♥ there are 3 to collect and i much prefer a cream or gel tint for my cheeks in the summer months.They are £14.00 each and available HERE
from left to right we have .... Flushed...Natural ...Rosy

So here above we have Flushed and swatches are below,as you can see you only need the teeniest tiniest amount to give you a lovely berry colour.

Below is the shade natural and it is what it says it's very natural and gives a very very slight rosy cheek,such a pretty colour as you can see from my swatches,again only a teeny tiny amount used.

I think my fave is below it's called Rosy and it's a perfect in between shade,not too deep nor too light just the right flush of pink.

My final thoughts on the cheek tints are that they are lovely and would be great to treat yourself or buy as a gift.I have loved trying these out especially with the hot weather we have been getting.They give no shimmer but they do give a lovely {none sticky} dewy look.You know with powder you can sometimes go over the top? well i can lol.But with these you can't as they are buildable and give you that oldskool pinch your cheeks look...are you blushing?? you might be ♥

OOOOH i nearly forgot to say,i tested both the lip tints,not gloss side just tint and the cheek tints in water and guess what?? they lasted and didn't run or streak like a normal lipstick would or a powder blush yippeee.So want to go swimming this summer? then these would be a great purchase.

*pr sample*

I would love to know if you have tried these from Pixi,let me know below?
Or actually do you own anything from Pixi by Petra as they do makeup plus skincare which is all fantastic.They now sell Pixi in so many places i will leave the links below to where you will find this brand....

Thanks for reading much love Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru

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  1. I love cream blush because of having dry skin but I don't think these would be pigmented enough for me, the lip products look nice though especially the nude/pink for everyday :) xx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe yes the lighter shades of blush are very very light once blended in and only give a flush of colour but the darker ones are quite nice,i love the lip tints,i actually love any lip tints,it's great they have the gloss but i like using them without too tbh,thanks for reading it's lovely trying the pixi items each month,they have some great items xx♥xx


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