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Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm Review

Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm Review 

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Here we have the Vitage Essential Cleansing Balm,this comes boxed with a thick pure white cotton cleansing cloth as seen below.
The balm is a solid balm that melt away your makeup and any impurities.
It is infused with natural oils so gentle on the skin and has a lovely rose & neroli scent,which i would say can be used by either women or men as doesn't have a strong female nor male fragrance,so either could use this.

This is suitable for all skin types even very sensitive skin as it's enriched with botanical oils,rich in antioxidants.
As you can see above i have a full face of makeup so wanted to feel fresh and clean before bed.I got
the pure white cleansing cloth ready.
Then i took a small amount of the balm onto my fingers,then i started to gently massage it into my face.Wow it just melted all over my face,it really did feel soft and oily and smells great.
i was careful around my eyes but no it didn't sting it was gorgeous and just felt soft and smooth.
This is the result below after I'd rubbed it all into my face and neck,my make just melted away and i have no eyebrows lol.I then put the cleansing cloth into warm water and wrung it out,i then wiped all over my face and with total ease the makeup and grime just came away.
Yes i know how gross is this?? but it just goes to show how much makeup was on my face and how much it removed.I didn't need to scrub i just used a gentle wipe over.
Ta da all clean and fresh before bed,i have only ever used two cleansing balms but this one i would say i do like the best as it left my skin feeling glorious.I felt so clean,so fresh and ever so soft.I didn't even need to apply my moisturiser that night as my skin felt like it was moisturised already from the balm which was lovely.I have oily/combo skin but mostly oily.It didn't leave me feeling greasy nor was it tight like a soap.It was beautiful and i have now used it about 5 times as i type this and love it.You don't need much so i think it should last a while.I don't think i will use everyday i will just use as a treat twice a week i think to keep my skin feeling lush.
If you want to try this for yourself then please click HERE

*pr sample*
I rinsed out the cloth and to my surprise all the makeup and grime came out without even needing to wash.I have now put it through the washing machine once and it's fine just like a normal flannel.
I would certainly recommend this to anybody who loves their skincare.

Have you ever tried this or any other cleansing balms as i would love to know below??
Thanks for reading much love Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru

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  1. I love cleansing balms, for makeup removal my favourite is the Caroline Hurons/Pixi double cleanse & for cleansing my favourite is the Emma Hardie Moringa balm but I love Clinique take the day off for makeup removal & The Body Shop camomile as a cleanser too, I love balms & always use one as my morning cleanse :) good that this worked well at removing makeup & came with a cloth too :) xxxx

    Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

    1. Thanks Zoe yes it's gorgeous,i didn't even need moisturizer afterwards as it left my face all moisturized already if that makes sense.Love the Pixi one but this did feel more Luxe i think.I have only ever tried two though but my skin felt gorgeous xx♥xx


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