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Vitage illuminating Tanning Drops Review Demo

Vitage illuminating Tanning Drops Review Demo

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So here we have the Vitage illuminating Tanning Drops which i was kindly sent to test.
Yes i got the cute Flamingo and a cocktail which was yummy mmm ♥
But this is about the tanning drops.
I read the instructions and it said to use your normal moisturiser and to add two drops of this tanning lotion which has a little suck up dropper.I thought this sounded an amazing idea rather than shop bought ones as you could be putting anything on your skin.
If you have an allergy and need to use a certain cream,say if you have eczema or dermatitis then you would be able to mix these drops with your own certain cream.

I did a skin test first overnight and it was fine and boy did it work,i actually put the drops neat on my skin to make sure it was OK and this was the result,very strong in colour and worked fantastic.
So once i knew it was OK i was eager to test it,i did smell my hand and i couldn't smell anything which was a total bonus for me as most tanning lotions really smell.
so here i am below all white pale and eager to try it lol
I also thought i would stick a plaster to my arm just to see how good it actually does work and see if it left a plaster tan mark ha ha.
so here is my plaster below in a cross shape as i wanted a cool cross tan shape ha ha,it was just to test it really I'm not that much of a wolly that i actually wanted a plaster mark,this was done for you guys.
It says it takes a few hours to develop,but mine took overnight really,
i got a little tub and my Dove cream and only did my top half down to my belly button.I used 2 droppers of the oil which only sucks up half full,so yes i added about 2 half full droppers and mixed with my cream.I still couldn't smell anything which was good.I stayed up for a few hours and it still hadn't developed on me,so i decided to go to bed.
I woke up in the morning and took the plaster off lol and this is how it cool whoop whoop it had worked really well.
and here is me,no makeup but i actually looked healthy with no makeup for a change :)
here is a shot of my hand
 I really love the colour i went,the only down side is that it did smell,not as bad as any others i have tried but no getting away from that slight biscuit smell.After a shower and half a day though the smell had gone away which was great,as the tan lasts for about a week,which is true as long as you don't scrub hard at your skin in the shower and just wash gentle.

The drops are well worth the the price tag of £39.00 and can be purchased HERE
as like i said they can be mixed with any cream of your choice and you really don't need to add much at all to get a glowing complexion.You get 50ml which is going to last you months and months.
It contains Vitamin E and Citric acid so nothing harmful for your skin.It's a gradual tanner,yes it took mine over night but might work faster for some people.You can add as little or as much of the tanning drops as you require for a subtle or much deeper looking tan.

pr sample
My final thoughts are that i really loved it,OK i was slightly gutted that it did have a smell but happy that it wasn't as strong as shop bought ones.I loved loved loved the tan it gave me over night it was fantastic and even better that it just made me look healthy and not half dead like i usually look lol.
Nice to put on makeup too without needing to apply loads,i could easy get away with just powder mascara and lippy and i was good to go.I think it's a total genius idea you can add to any creams,even more genius that you can make it as light or dark a tan as you want by adding more and less of the product.It is really like a customisable tan in a bottle and i love it.I can see this one being very popular,plus it's limited edition so if you want to try it be quick.I have tried it and i love it,also i have tried the Cleansing Balm from this same brand too,if you want to read about that that link is HERE

Are you into self tanning? if so have you heard of anything so cool? i thought it was cool anyway.Would you consider buying this one? or have you ever tried it.Please let me know below.

Thanks for reading much love Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru

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