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Pixi Summer Essential Skincare & Makeup Review

Pixi Summer Essential Skincare & Makeup Review

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So again here is a lovely package of pixi by petra goodies which i love.
Firstly below we have the Quick Fix Powder,now this is worth it's weight in gold especially as i have oily skin grrr yes oily skin is a pain.I took this cutie on holiday with me and i took it out each night when i went to the club as i found the club got really hot so my foundation would start to go a bit oily on my T-zone.It's a great size to fit in handbag and comes with a handy mirror on top so you can even powder puff your nose discreetly in the ladies cubicle which i usually did :) and it worked a treat.It is a translucent colour,a white powder but didn't show up white and didn't give flash back on photos either.You get a good size pot of 5.5g so it will last me ages.
You can purchase this on the link below it was my lifesaver.
 Next up is the Nourishing Lip Polish which also exfoliates the lips too.Another fab item which i have been using all the time.I love the nozzle as it has tiny textured bumps/bristles that nourish and exfoliate the lips.No it's not a lip scrub that hurts or is even going to give you Kylie look a like lips,but it helps to bring the circulation into your lips.I use this before bed,it is slightly sticky,not overly sticky but slightly but i can overcome that for the fact it smells and feels so good.Smells of Apricot i think and does feel nourishing as i also like to add it before i use any matte lip products.I used to love total matte lips but i have gone off that idea a little and do actually like to rub my lips together lol,so adding this before a matte product is perfect too.If you would like to try this then the link is below..
 Here is the beautiful Pixi Makeup fixing spray mist which I'm so glad to have in my life again as i have used tons of the last one i have.It's a baby pink colour and feels so refreshing on your face,i actually use this before i apply my makeup just after primer as i either spray onto face or i will spray my foundation brush or sponge with it, and then at the end too...just my little tip ♥ It is infused with Rose water & Green Tea so smells really nice and does help to keep my makeup set for longer.OK i still do sometimes need to use the quick fix powder above if I'm in a really hot environment but apart from that using day to day it works wonders.Shake and do hold away from face not too close up.You are meant to keep away from eyes but i close mine, another tip is i always spray before i apply my mascara just in case it runs.So again another lovely product and the link is below if you would like to try this out....
 Here we have the beautiful Multibalm 2 in 1 Lip & Cheek tint in colour Baby Petal,i don't know about you but this time of year i prefer using a cream blush/tint as it just looks lovely.Sorry i couldn't get a swatch my camera decided to wipe it for some reason grrr,but the colour is below taken from Pixi website.I will say that is the colour but it's not as dark or rich as that at all,it is very subtle so don't worry about this being too in your face as it's certainly not.A fab peach type colour with rounded head which rolls up for more product.I have used this more on my cheeks than i have my lips as i just prefer that.I buff in with a kabuki or buffing brush and it stays in place the whole day for me.
They do have these in 5 different shades too,so if you would like to try them then please check out the link below...
*pr samples*
I really enjoy using my pixi products i find myself reaching for this brand daily now i have a nice collection.The skincare is just fab and the makeup is pretty darn special too.

Do you own anything from Pixi or would you like to try anything ? please let me know in the comments as would love to know.Here are some more places that sell Pixi by petra...

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