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New essence Makeup Review Swatches Wilkos

New essence Makeup Review Swatches Wilkos

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 Hi guys here we have the eye and face palette from essense i 01 glow for it...which is a really cool handy travel sized palette which gives a great amount of pigmentation.
 You get 2 silky soft eye shadows a blush and highlight,the highlight is stunning and blush is very subtle as you can see from the swatches below it's really pretty xx♥xx
 New this is the new Satin Touch Finish Blush which is a lovely peach colour.
 Really love the detail and design of the inside it's cute for a very inexpensive blush.
 I did actually find it a bit powdery but it was so pigmented that didn't really matter,just remember to tap off your brush,but it did stay on all day and way really smooth. The colour is in ... 10 Satin Coral
 Next up is the Matte long lasting lip gloss,i wouldn't really call this a lip gloss this is more like a velvety liquid lipstick,it has a nice smell and stays on a few hours once it dries the colour is perfect for the autumn winter.

 Very creamy thick and pigmented and not sticky in the slightest,plus the applicator wand was nice too.This is the colour...03 Girl Of Today
 No i already love essence lipsticks and own quite a few now,i have here 1 matte and 1 normal,both such lovely colours and i really like the fact they have the "e" embossed into the lipstick.
The one on left is Matte 02 and right is 09 I Feel Pretty
 Nice packaging and gorgeous colours,can you see from the swatches the matte one?? I did actually prefer the matte one as it wasn't too matte like some brands it was just perfect.
The one on bottom is Matte 02 and top is 09 I Feel Pretty
 Make me brow is to set your eyebrows and it's small cute and i love it,the wand is really tiny but i like that and plus it doesn't make my brows go hard or crispy but it does dry which is fab as it's a good colour too,i would repurchase this.Shade browny brows 02.
 Again i own quite a few lip liners from essence as they are so cheap and really great value for your money.They are soft and very pigmented that you can use to line your lips or fill them in.
 Such pretty colours and i have got into lining my lips a lot more that i used to too.
 EEkk well i was really so happy to try the Prismatic Rainbow highlighter in 10 be a unicorn as i had heard such good things.
 How pretty are these colours,it's so soft bright and pigmented i love it.
 The swatches below are taken with no flash then with the flash to give you an idea of how shimmery they are and boy are the shimmery.You could use this for a number of things,for a festival or clubbing and do individual stripes or to celebrate Pride too,or even wear as eyeshadow.

 I would say once all swished together it makes a really nice colour,this is a lot more wearable then another i own as this is not blue toned it's more a peachy pink.
*pr sample*

All the items are available from Wilko's HERE or in store.

Who else loves essence and what do you own from the brand as i would love to hear your thoughts on what to buy and what is really good value for money.

Thanks for reading much love Vinny aka Littlemissstyleguru

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