Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Omg you need to try Gosh Primer Plus Skin Adaptor Review

Omg you need to try Gosh Primer Plus 

Skin Adaptor Review

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So here above we have a new release from Gosh which is the Primer Plus Skin Adaptor in 005 colour Chameleon.
so i don't know where to start but say wowzers i love this sooo much.
If you have never tried Gosh then next time you are in Superdrug please have a peek at their lovely items.Or you can check out all the gosh items Here On Superdrug
So as you can see from above it comes in a pump bottle and i like the none fussy sleek black design of the packaging.You get 30ml for £14.99 which isn't a bad price considering i don't use much at all,i find i use much less of a pump than any foundations.But i will still try to buy when on a 3 for 2 so please always keep that in mind when you find something you love.
This is a total bonus as a cruelty free exclusive Superdrug brand
i was pretty shocked though when it came out white in colour see below.
So this is meant to adapt to your skin tone and colour which it does do 100% for me.After having 3 children i have the most strange brown pigmentation marks all over my face similar to freckles but not freckles just marks.But anyway this blends in to cover them nicely.
I actually use my hands to apply this to my face and massage in with my fingers too,i usually use a foundation brush but with this i just feel it is more like cream so feels more natural to use my fingers.,see below for the change in colour....
So the photo above shows it changes from a white cream into like a skin colour,i wouldn't even say foundation colour as it's just like my skin but better ha ha and this is why i love it so much.
Now I'm 38 nearing 39 i feel i need a lighter fresher base and not such heavy coverage.so the photo below was me wearing this today.
*pr sample*
OK not a great hair day but for me a nice makeup day as my skin felt fresh pretty and like it was able to breathe,i used a dusting of powder over the top and then actually wore the new blush highlight palette from gosh too and the eyebrow pencil and also black eyeliner hee hee,it was a Gosh kind of day.
Two of my fave foundations now come from Gosh as i love the original Gosh plus foundation and now this Primer Plus Skin Adaptor which is available to purchase HERE
What do you guys think will you be trying this?? once you find something you love it's hard not to go out and grab 3 of them on the 3 for 2 so that is what i might do when this runs out.I have oily combo skin but mostly oily t-zone but this lasts fine on me all day.I have tried so many things recently that i love from Superdrug,it is probably my favourite shop on the high street for beauty for sure.
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